Duke of Edinburgh

D OF E WALK So on the 4th October 2017, Me, Abbie, Demi and Billie all went with the school with a couple of others to do a 3-4 hour walk around Iron Bridge. And when I say all the way around I mean literally all the way through the woods by houses and back again.
The best part was being part of something that you know is going to help you really push yourself and succeed at something. The worst part... THE MUD. It was everywhere Abbie lost her shoe and just all of our shoes were muddy!
Doing D of E will help you a lot in later life when trying to get a job if you have that on you CV you will get that job straight away because you learn life skills you need in life including First Aid.
Here are some pictures of the eventful day:

Sorry about the picture they didn't go where i wanted them to xx
The BBC Great News again I am going on the BBC because of you guys so I really wanted to Thank you guys and I love you way too much so this blog means EVERYTHING !!!!
No I don't know when they will film and it will be up but I really want them too see who reads both my website and this so if you want send pictures of your FACE to the e-mail (if you want xxx)
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This is another short one 2 in 1 day huh xx
So another exciting announcment.... I have my own website link will be after this blog post but its basically what i do on this but more will be going on there after Christmas and on here too so nothing too big but just have a read and check anything i need and my email is on there too so just email and subscribe!!

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Beauty Things I have Been Loving ❤💍👑

Beauty Things I have Been Loving FACE  MUA  Bronzer - Sunkissed Bronze  Get it here.. I have actually thrown this away because it was all crumbly and not very great but definitley need to get a new one.
MUA Skin Define Hydro Foundation Get it here... I need to get a new one it ran out super sad about this but you know...
Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder
Get it here....
I have 3 of these i have
-Peach Glow
-Warm Beige 

MUA Cover & Conceal Wand in Naatural
Get it here....


SEVENTEEN Easy on Eye Pallette
Get it here....
I had one like this from my friend Abbie it had similar colours but this was a good shout.

Rimmed London Lash accelerator Endless Mascara 
Get it here......
It is great and after my eyelashes touch my eyebrows no jokes but doesn't smudge great shout too.

Rimmel Glam 'Eyes Professional' Liquid Eyeliner
Get it here.....
I really enjoy this it makes wing eyeliner way better.


I love MUA Lipstick and Makeup Revolution so i am just going to li…

Favourite Songs x

Favourite Songs❤❤
I thought I would give you a run down of all my favourite songs so you know what i have been listening to this month or 2. I might have a completely different opinion to all of your of a few of yours but this is what i love and I have listed them 1 - My Fave and 10 - My Fave but not quite there yet xxxx Links and Photos of my top 2 are there too....

50 Facts About Me

50 Facts About Me💗
Name: Blogger Girl
Height: About 4 foot 6 or 7 
Weight: I don't know. It is bad but you know.
Age: 13
Birthday: 11th December 
Girl BFF: Pea and Jam they dont read my blog though😠😂
Guy BFF: I don't think i have one but there are boys in my classes i speak to though.
Crush: Don't have one 
Ever Fell In Love: NO
Favourite Food: Pizzaa or Mash potato   
Last Text: All together we have been on call for 4 hours only 20 more to go.
Longest Relationship: I forgot
Battery Percentage: 17%
Eye Colour: Blue
Addiction: Taking Photos 
Favourite song: Era Istrefi - BonBon
Favourite Animal: Dog - Pug
Sing in the shower: No, because i am rubbish at singing.
One Wish: To move to Brighton with Jam and Pea and have our DREAM HOME!
Best Time in your life: When I was born 
Country I live in: England
Pets: Yes, 2 dogs 1 cat
Plan on getting married: Not really
Favourite subject: Probably Drama or Computing because it is really funny 
First Kiss: Playing Kiss Chase in YR2
Insecure: Sometimes 
Ever sel…