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3 Blogs that are a good read...
These are 3 blogs i have been loving lately I am sure they would appreciate it if you checked it out! You wont regret it !!!
Self Love Blog:
This blog really helps to look on the brighter side of things. They only have one post so far but I really think that they can help a lot of people. I am gonna say that they are a girl and if they are reading this hopefully I get it right as she is anonymous.
She speaks about all different things, if you read her introductory post you will understand but you will not regret it if you read it I think this is this best blog I have read so far and I absolutely love it!✯✯✯✯ STYLE EDIT 

This blog is more fashion and beauty and she gives you real depth (which I am not gonna lie I need to do more of that) and it really makes you wanna buy it. Her fashion posts are amazing and I love reading those as she gives you a lot of tips for example How I find Quality Pieces In The Sale. Go on over …
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Photography Walk

Photography Walk

On New Years Eve I went on a photography walk with a friend and these are two of the many pictures we took  I tried to edit these which you will see later on but we had an amazing time from getting stuck in swamps to laughs and seeing cute adorable dogs. We had an amazing walk and seeing the different sights were amazing and hopefully we can do this again.  For quick notice these edits I am not sure about and it was my first time so bare with me! 😊💙💙 I forgot to mention sorry i was so inactive as my phone and laptop broke but thanks to my mom and dad I got a phone camera and computer. 
So these are my edited ones so now you can see why i aren't keen on these but anyway leave you comments below. ★·.·´¯`·.·★ Blogger Girl ★·.·´¯`·.·★

Duke of Edinburgh

D OF E WALK So on the 4th October 2017, Me, Abbie, Demi and Billie all went with the school with a couple of others to do a 3-4 hour walk around Iron Bridge. And when I say all the way around I mean literally all the way through the woods by houses and back again.
The best part was being part of something that you know is going to help you really push yourself and succeed at something. The worst part... THE MUD. It was everywhere Abbie lost her shoe and just all of our shoes were muddy!
Doing D of E will help you a lot in later life when trying to get a job if you have that on you CV you will get that job straight away because you learn life skills you need in life including First Aid.
Here are some pictures of the eventful day:

Sorry about the picture they didn't go where i wanted them to xx

50 Facts About Me

50 Facts About Me💗
Name: Blogger Girl
Height: About 4 foot 6 or 7 
Weight: I don't know. It is bad but you know.
Age: 13
Birthday: 11th December 
Girl BFF: Pea and Jam they dont read my blog though😠😂
Guy BFF: I don't think i have one but there are boys in my classes i speak to though.
Crush: Don't have one 
Ever Fell In Love: NO
Favourite Food: Pizzaa or Mash potato   
Last Text: All together we have been on call for 4 hours only 20 more to go.
Longest Relationship: I forgot
Battery Percentage: 17%
Eye Colour: Blue
Addiction: Taking Photos 
Favourite song: Era Istrefi - BonBon
Favourite Animal: Dog - Pug
Sing in the shower: No, because i am rubbish at singing.
One Wish: To move to Brighton with Jam and Pea and have our DREAM HOME!
Best Time in your life: When I was born 
Country I live in: England
Pets: Yes, 2 dogs 1 cat
Plan on getting married: Not really
Favourite subject: Probably Drama or Computing because it is really funny 
First Kiss: Playing Kiss Chase in YR2
Insecure: Sometimes 
Ever sel…