50 Facts About Me

50 Facts About Me๐Ÿ’—
Name: Blogger Girl
Height: About 4 foot 6 or 7 
Weight: I don't know. It is bad but you know.
Age: 13
Birthday: 11th December 
Girl BFF: Pea and Jam they dont read my blog though๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜‚
Guy BFF: I don't think i have one but there are boys in my classes i speak to though.
Crush: Don't have one 
Ever Fell In Love: NO
Favourite Food: Pizzaa or Mash potato   
Last Text: All together we have been on call for 4 hours only 20 more to go.
Longest Relationship: I forgot
Battery Percentage: 17%
Eye Colour: Blue
Addiction: Taking Photos 
Favourite song: Era Istrefi - BonBon
Favourite Animal: Dog - Pug
Sing in the shower: No, because i am rubbish at singing.
One Wish: To move to Brighton with Jam and Pea and have our DREAM HOME!
Best Time in your life: When I was born 
Country I live in: England
Pets: Yes, 2 dogs 1 cat
Plan on getting married: Not really
Favourite subject: Probably Drama or Computing because it is really funny 
First Kiss: Playing Kiss Chase in YR2
Insecure: Sometimes 
Ever self harmed: No 
Who you love: Family
Miss anyone: Yes, My Best friend from Primary 
Hair Colour: Brunette
Relationship Status: Single
Last song you heard: Shape of you Ed Sheeran
Biggest Fear: Death
Believe in ghosts: Yes
Favourite TV show: Pretty Little Liars 
Favourite Movie: Disney Films 
Favourite Book: Girl Online Collection 
Favourite month: Around Autumn/ Winter Time (October-December)
Jealous of: No one 
Middle Name: X
Worst Habbit: Biting Nails
Number of Siblings: 5 
Name of Siblings ---------
Star Sign: Sagittarius
Sports you play: 0
Best Friend EVER: Jam and Pea again 
Embarrassing  moment: I just started Year 7 I got into tutor and tripped up.
Future Career Choice: Photographer 
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Hope you enjoyed it if you did comment what i should do next 


Blogger Girl xxx

What is one of your crazy weird random fact?