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Duke of Edinburgh

D OF E WALK So on the 4th October 2017, Me, Abbie, Demi and Billie all went with the school with a couple of others to do a 3-4 hour walk around Iron Bridge. And when I say all the way around I mean literally all the way through the woods by houses and back again.
The best part was being part of something that you know is going to help you really push yourself and succeed at something. The worst part... THE MUD. It was everywhere Abbie lost her shoe and just all of our shoes were muddy!
Doing D of E will help you a lot in later life when trying to get a job if you have that on you CV you will get that job straight away because you learn life skills you need in life including First Aid.
Here are some pictures of the eventful day:

Sorry about the picture they didn't go where i wanted them to xx